questions about treatment

What to Ask Before Choosing a Treatment Facility

When most people decide to commit to drug and alcohol treatment, especially if it is their first time, most do not really know what they are looking for. Sure, they know they need a place that treats addiction, but there is such wide variation in the quality of treatment from location to location that it behooves the individual to research each facility to ensure they choose one that truly suits their needs.

How To Get a Loved One Into Rehab

How to Get a Loved One Into Treatment

Sometimes, people will see a loved one struggling with substance addiction and identify the need for outside help before the individual does. It is very noble to want to help a loved one who is struggling with addiction; however, one must be careful about how to approach this situation, as a cautious and considered approach is most likely to breed success and sobriety in the long-term.

Opiate Withdrawal

What To Do In The Event Of Severe Opiate Withdrawals

Withdrawal from opiates is a highly unpleasant experience to go through, even under the best of circumstances. While opioid withdrawal is rarely fatal, there are many inherent risks involved in the process, and it can be both painful and dangerous to go through on one’s own. Read on to learn more about the withdrawal process,

Severe Alcohol Withdrawals

What To Do If You’re Suffering From Severe Alcohol Withdrawals

When people who are dependent on alcohol make the decision to stop drinking, many think that they can manage the detoxification process on their own. While that may be true for a select few, there are many grave dangers that can affect a detoxing alcoholic, up to and including death. How do you know if your case is severe enough to need professional help?