Tips for Staying Sober This Holiday Season

Tips for Staying Sober This Holiday Season

The holiday season can be a whirlwind of social events and outings that can represent a challenge for people in recovery. The stresses of traveling, shopping for gifts, cooking and seeing extended family can tempt people into relapsing.

Don’t put your hard-earned recovery in jeopardy. Start planning for staying sober this holiday and committed to your recovery journey.

Planning Your Happiest, Healthiest Holiday

You’ve probably already come to terms with the fact that successfully maintaining recovery means determining what situations and people could trigger a relapse. Accept that those factors are part of your life, pinpoint what – or who – they are and plan around them.

Throughout the holiday season, you’ll need to remain committed to your sobriety – and the best way to protect that is by developing a solid strategy. Your plans could include everything from going to a 12-step meeting before or after an event or even inviting your sponsor to come to your family dinner or holiday party. Also, ask someone else you know who is also in recovery to be available for texts or phone calls if you need support in the moment.

Help Yourself by Helping Others

During the holidays, feelings of joy and gratitude are contagious. One of the most important lessons you’ll learn in recovery is that being around others can help you along the way. Call a local food bank or homeless shelter – odds are good they need some extra helping hands around the holidays. It may surprise you to learn there are scientific benefits to helping others. Giving back can support your recovery by making you feel good about yourself.

Recognize Your Risks

Everyone has family members that put recovery at risk. Perhaps you have an aunt who pressures everyone to drink, or a sibling who likes to question you about going through rehab. You don’t need to spend time around unsupportive or toxic people. The same rule holds true for events. If your office party is notorious for having an open bar, only put in a brief appearance at the very beginning, or skip it entirely. Your health and newfound sobriety always come first. Anyone who loves you will accept that and will want only the best for you.

Staying Sober This Holiday Is Within Reach

Whether you’re newly out of a treatment program or years into your recovery, the ride between Halloween and New Year’s Day can feel like an enormous hurdle. Don’t lose sight of the true meaning of the holidays: an opportunity to share precious moments with your loved ones. Concentrate on the positive and stay committed to your recovery. At Inland Detox, we are just as focused on your success as you are, and we help you make positive choices. Contact our Southern California facility today to get the help you need.