Reasons to Seek Detox Treatment in January

Reasons to Seek Detox Treatment in January

For most of us, a new year represents a fresh start – an opportunity to start off on the right foot by forming healthier habits and putting the negativities of the past behind us. If taking better care of your physical and mental well-being tops your list of New Year’s resolutions, you may have decided 2019 is your year to finally get clean of drugs and alcohol once and for all. Here are some reasons you should take this opportunity to seek professional detox treatment for your addiction, instead of trying to go it alone. 

  1. Failed Resolutions

Many so-called “high-functioning” addicts resolve to quit using drugs or alcohol, only to abandon their resolution and begin using again as soon as cravings or uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms rear their ugly heads. You may have convinced yourself you can walk away from alcohol and drugs anytime you like. The truth is that people with an active addiction are no longer fully in control of their circumstances, which makes it nearly impossible for them to quit without professional guidance and monitoring.

  1. Hitting Your Bottom

You have undoubtedly heard people say addicts must reach “rock bottom” before they can finally admit they have a problem and need to enter a treatment program. However, just as everyone experiences the disease of addiction differently, the definition of “the bottom” varies widely from person to person. For one addict, their life-changing moment might be overdosing, going bankrupt or serving jail time. For another, it might be the first time they experience a blackout due to excessive drinking or drug use. In reality, for every addict, the bottom is wherever you stop digging. In other words, you don’t have to wait for an epiphany or reach a specific catastrophic milestone to seek treatment. If you find yourself wondering whether you need help getting sober, you likely do.

  1. Family Members Staged a Holiday Intervention

For many families, the holiday season is a time for togetherness, which also makes it the ideal time to plan an intervention for a loved one who needs help recognizing the severity of their problem and how it is affecting everyone around them. Addiction is a family disease, and many addicts remain in deep denial about the progression of their illness until their loved ones tell and show them how far-reaching the effects are.

Take the First Step Toward Lasting Sobriety

Everyone’s addiction is different, and there are many reasons people enter detox in January. At Inland Detox, we offer comprehensive drug and alcohol detoxification, coupled with our exceptional quality of care. Our goal is to help clients safely and comfortably free themselves from the grip of their drug or alcohol addiction, so they can move seamlessly into the next level of rehab treatment.

If you’ve decided not to spend another year trapped in the cycle of addiction, make 2019 the year you finally succeed in your resolution to quit using drugs and alcohol with the help of our medically supervised detox treatment programs. Call us at 888-739-8296 to start this new year the right way – by fully committing to achieving long-lasting freedom from drug and alcohol misuse.