Understanding the Risks of At-Home Detox

Many addicts who want to free themselves from their harmful behavior may already know detox is a vital first step in the recovery process. However, it’s a common misconception that people can successfully complete an at-home detox on their own. Even people who have admitted they have a problem might feel embarrassed about entering a professional treatment center, or view it as an unnecessary step. If you are considering attempting at-home detox, you should be aware of how ineffective and even dangerous it can be.

What Is At-Home Detox, and Why Is it Dangerous?

Detoxification refers to your body’s natural process of ridding itself of harmful substances. An at-home detox involves someone trying to undergo this process on their own, without any professional guidance. However, quitting drugs like opioids and benzodiazepines cold turkey can cause severe withdrawal symptoms that are not only unpleasant, but also highly risky and even sometimes life-threatening.

At-home detox is inherently riskier than detoxification in a medically supervised environment because of the greater chances of relapse and overdose. Withdrawal symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, seizures, panic attacks, high blood pressure, insomnia and psychosis can be intense enough to lead you to start using drugs again to avoid these side effects. The longer you have been using the substances, the more the severity of these symptoms can increase. That’s what makes at-home detoxes often unsuccessful.

Why Seek Medical Detox?

Choosing professional detox treatment at a qualified facility is the safest way to minimize risks, manage symptoms of withdrawal and prevent a relapse. At a professional detox facility, medical professionals provide 24/7 monitoring and can intervene immediately with therapies that facilitate the natural detoxification process, helping you taper off drug use safely and comfortably. Also, staff members provide compassion and encouragement throughout the process, which can prove critical to successfully managing withdrawal and moving on to the next phase of the recovery journey.

In many cases, attempting to undergo at-home detox can leave you feeling isolated and withdrawn. These feelings worsen psychological effects of withdrawal, such as depression, anxiety and a lack of interest in daily activities. In contrast, when you enroll in a medical detox facility, you will have a built-in support network of peers who are experiencing many of the same challenges and circumstances you are.

Choose Inland Detox

Ultimately, the highly trained staff at a well-appointed inpatient detox treatment center work to make the detoxification process smoother and more manageable, which leads to better results in the long run. If your symptoms become overwhelming, or an emergency arises, medical professionals can immediately step in with lifesaving treatments that prevent relapse and make sure you stay on the right track.

At Inland Detox, we are committed to helping all our clients safely complete their detoxification process in a residential setting that promotes healing. As Southern California’s leading inpatient detox facility, we evaluate each client’s individual needs to recommend a course of treatment that will allow them to transition to the next level of rehab. Contact us today to get help for yourself or someone you love.