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Should You Tell Your Employer You’re Going to Detox?

You have taken the first positive steps toward breaking free of your drug or alcohol addiction by researching detox centers, but now, a difficult conversation lies ahead of you. If you are wondering how to broach the subject of entering detox with your employer, here are some helpful things to remember.

Seeking Recovery Is Always a Smart Choice

Since addiction affects every aspect of your life, it has probably compromised the quality of your work. If unexplained absences or poor decisions have started to be a problem, you are more likely to be a better employee after getting clean and sober. It will probably be a relief to your boss when you explain your unusual behavior and tell them you are working on getting help.

Understand Your Employee Rights

Before talking to your boss or any other co-workers about going to detox, be sure to check your employee handbook to see if your company considers your treatment to be legally protected sick leave. If so, this guarantees that you will have a job to return to. Some companies even offer help in finding qualified addiction treatment, including detox.

Even if your company’s policies don’t address your specific options, your boss or someone from your human resources department should be able to walk you through your options. If you lie about where you are while you are away from work, you could be putting your job on the line.

How to Tell Your Employer You’re Going to Detox

Honesty is always the best policy. Your boss or co-workers may already have a reason to suspect you have a problem, so coming out with the truth is in your best interest. Though you are probably used to hiding your problem behind layers of deceit and deception, it can feel liberating to open up and tell the truth. Not to mention, if you tell everyone you are going away on vacation and someone you work with discovers you are really at a detox treatment facility, it will be a mark against your reputation at the office.

If possible, ask your boss to set aside time for a one-on-one meeting, so you don’t have to rush through the conversation in the middle of a hectic workday. If you are worried about privacy, ask your boss to respect your needs.

Don’t Be Ashamed

Everyone carries different burdens, but not everyone is strong enough to admit when they need help caring for themselves. The fact that you are actively trying to improve your health speaks highly of your character as a person. Choosing to get well through medical detox and subsequent treatment is the best choice for you, and you should never let anyone else pressure you into avoiding treatment. You are not on trial – you are merely telling your employer you need to take a health-related leave of absence, the same as you would do in getting medical help for any other disease.

In this situation, your health and well-being should be your top priority. Focus on taking the steps you need to get better, and worry about the other details later. If your current employment opportunity ends for whatever reason, you can work on finding another when you are sober.  

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