professionally managed drug detox

Why You Need Professionally Managed Drug Detox

If you have been drinking or using drugs for a long time and are trying to break out of your cycle of addiction for good, undergoing detoxification to eliminate the substances that cause physical cravings can be a fundamental first step. 

You may assume completing detox will go more smoothly if you do it in the comfort of your home. However, this misconception puts you on shaky ground. If you try to undertake the detoxification process without the help of qualified addiction professionals, it can be painful, frightening and possibly even dangerous. Here’s a comprehensive look at why you need to seek professionally managed detox to start your recovery process.

1. Detox Can Be Risky

If you have a psychological or physical dependence on one or more substances, your withdrawal may involve relatively mild symptoms, such as fatigue or mood swings. However, more dangerous symptoms, like seizures, are possible. Being surrounded by medical professionals who can intervene if these side effects threaten your safety can make all the difference in your ability to become stable and progress seamlessly into the next phases of your treatment.

2. The Detox Process Varies by User 

Just as no two people have identical addiction experiences, there is a wide variety in how different bodies undergo the detoxification process. Your personalized treatment plan will depend on elements such as the drugs in your system when you enter detox, how long you have been using and other factors, such as the presence of a co-occurring mental health disorder.

3. There Is a Range of Withdrawal Symptoms

Symptoms of withdrawal from drugs like opioids or benzodiazepines may look entirely different from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. If multiple substances have contributed to your addiction, it can complicate your withdrawal process even further. You can benefit from completing your detox under ‘round-the-clock monitoring by a medical team that is qualified to recognize and treat the unique symptoms associated with each drug.

4. You May Require Counseling or Additional Treatment

If you enter detox treatment with a dual diagnosis, which is the medical term for an addiction plus a mental health challenge such as PTSD, depression or anxiety, our professional team of clinicians can develop a tailored approach to treating your mental illness while you are undergoing your detoxification process.  

Three Objectives of Professionally Managed Drug Detox 

At Inland Detox, we have three fundamental goals when it comes to ensuring your successful detoxification from addictive drugs. These are that your medically supervised drug detox is effective, safe and as comfortable as possible.

Following your drug detox, we can help you choose the most reliable next steps in continuing your pathway to recovery, including selecting a residential treatment program in which you can learn to identify and manage all the unique factors contributing to your addiction. 

Help Is Close at Hand

Don’t let questions about your eligibility for insurance coverage stand between you and the treatment you need to build a foundation for your eventual addiction recovery. We accept most major health insurance plans, and our caring admissions team is here to help you at every step of the way. For professionally managed drug detox in Southern California, contact us today.