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Rehabs that take tricare insurance

Getting Alcohol and Substance Abuse Treatment with Tricare Insurance

One of the most surprising things we’ve noticed about prospective clients and their family members that have TRICARE insurance is that they were unaware they could get substance abuse treatment from a private drug and alcohol rehab or detox facility almost completely covered by TRICARE insurance. TRICARE is the insurance given to active duty military members, their spouses and dependents. In fact, TRICARE covers more than just active duty service members and their families, it also covers:

1. National Guard and Reserve Members and their dependents
2. Survivors
3. Former spouses
4. Medal of Honor recipients and their families
5. Others registered in the Defense Enrollment Eligibility Reporting System (DEERS)

At Inland Detox, we’ve treated almost 800 clients over the last 4 years and we’re excited to now be in-network with TRICARE. The clients we get from TRICARE are a joy to treat but what they say about looking for treatment is always interesting. Some of the clients we have served mentioned the following:

1. They can’t find many facilities that are in-network with TRICARE
2. Many of the programs they find don’t offer medically assisted treatment
3. They were completely unaware they could get treatment from a private provider

TRICARE works like any other major insurance provider, to access care, you can call the number on the back of your insurance card and ask for a referral to a substance abuse and recovery program that is covered by TRICARE. They will give their members referrals to programs that accept TRICARE insurance.

So why is it that many people with TRICARE insurance report that they can’t find facilities that take their insurance? Well, the answer isn’t simple, and it may be that the advertising marketplace for drug and alcohol treatment is overly saturated. You see, drug and alcohol rehab marketing is one of the most competitive arenas of online marketing in the country. lists “Treatment” as the 6th most expensive cost-per-click in online marketing behind “mesothelioma”, “DUI”, “Structured Settlements”, “Attorney” and “Lawyers.” We all use Google on our smart phones, laptops and home computers to find almost everything in our lives now and with the treatment industry being so competitive in the marketing space, people seeking help who go online and look up treatment options will get flooded with advertisements from treatment facilities and few are in-network with TRICARE insurance.

So how can you find treatment for alcohol and substance abuse when you have TRICARE insurance? Here are three simple ways to locate an approved, in-network TRICARE substance abuse and recovery facility:

1. Call the number on the back of your insurance card.

No one likes calling insurance providers. The run-around you seem to get with any insurance company can be frustrating. However, this really is one of the best ways to get an answer quickly, namely: Who can I go to for drug and alcohol treatment that won’t cost me thousands of dollars?

2. Use the term “TRICARE” in your search queries.

Google isn’t perfect. The competition in the marketplace for substance abuse treatment marketing can overwhelm consumers as well. Using phrases like “detox that takes TRICARE” or “rehabs that accept TRICARE” can help you narrow down your search. But be aware, just because you use these phrases online doesn’t mean the ad or link you click will land you on a program that accepts TRICARE insurance…which leads us to our next point.

3. Ask the programs you contact if they accept TRICARE and if they don’t ask for a referral to a program that does.

When you talk to a prospective treatment program for yourself or for a loved one, let them know that you have TRICARE insurance right away and ask them if they are in-network with TRICARE or if they accept TRICARE insurance. If they do, great! You can then get in to a discussion about deductibles and co-pays that may apply. If they don’t accept TRICARE insurance, ask them for a referral to a program that does.

About Inland Detox, Inc. a TRICARE Approved Detox and Residential Alcohol and Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Facility.

Inland Detox is a TRICARE approved, in-network drug and alcohol detox and rehabilitation facility located in Temecula, CA. We are approved as a short-term detox and long-term residential treatment program. We maintain a dual-diagnosis license and an Incidental Medical Services License with the California Department of Health Care Services. What this all means is that the quality of care you can get at Inland Detox is top-notch. Our program has a well-rounded treatment team that can help active duty military members and their dependents overcome the grip of addiction. Our Medical Director maintains 28 years of experience as a Board Certified Psychiatrist and with our dual-diagnosis approval from the state, this means we can help people with co-occurring mental health disorders as well as substance abuse issues. Our Clinical Director has worked with members of the Military and their families for years and is adept in treating post traumatic stress disorder. Our Incidental Medical Services License means when you or a loved one comes to Inland Detox, our doctors come to you at the facility, you or your loved one doesn’t have to be shuttled from the program to a 3rd party provider of care to get medication that can help ease the pain of withdrawals.

If you or someone you know is suffering from addiction and if you have TRICARE insurance, call Inland Detox, no matter if you’re in Southern California or not. If you can’t find a quality treatment program in your area that accepts TRICARE insurance, we will help you find one.