Inland Detox Re-Opens With New Support for Recovery in the Age of Covid-19


Recovery from drug and alcohol addiction has never been tougher. Inland Detox, the Inland Empire’s premier residential addiction treatment center, proudly announces that it has reopened to serve new clients with a proven range of services that now includes special preparation for recovery in a world affected by Covid-19.

When social-distancing guidelines changed the way residential facilities across the country operated, Inland Detox immediately began preparing to meet all state and federal guidelines related to the spread of the novel coronavirus. With a comprehensive set of new operating procedures in place, the facility is ready to lead the way in welcoming clients to a safe, supportive, and effective environment.

But Inland Detox didn’t stop there. Recovery depends on establishing new routines that emphasize self-direction and positive social support. The pandemic has disrupted those routines, putting some of us out of work and effecting the ways that the rest of us earn a living. Just as importantly, it has put recovering addicts at arm’s length from the networks of support that are crucial to successful recovery.

Inland Detox’s range of client services now includes full-spectrum support for recovery during the pandemic. That extra step, notes CEO Kyle Hartfield, may not have been necessary, but it reflects Inland Detox’s longstanding philosophy.

“Residential addiction treatment can be particularly effective at treating the physical symptoms of addiction,” he notes. “And Inland Detox is a perfect facility for that step. But we have also devoted enormous resources to identifying and treating the underlying causes of addiction. We run a client-to-staff ratio of 3:1, which gives our clients the kind of deeply supportive experience they need to truly regain control of their lives. That same intensive approach will help us prepare our clients for the special challenges of recovery in the age of Covid-19.”

Inland Detox accepts most major insurance plans, and has restored health and purpose to clients across the US. To learn more about how Inland Detox prepares its clients to tackle the challenges of recovery during the pandemic, please contact Kyle Hartfield at 951-285-4598 or

Inland Detox is a state-of-the-art drug detox center located on a beautiful 2.5-acre campus in sunny Southern California. Its dual-diagnosis approach allows Inland Detox to treat not only the physical symptoms of drug detoxification, but also the underlying causes of each client’s substance dependencies.