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The Value and Reason for Drug Detox

Addiction and Substance Abuse

Addiction and substance abuse to a drug or alcohol can cause debilitating effects to a person for not only them, but for others around them. When you have an addiction or substance abuse and want to quit using drugs or alcohol, inevitably people will experience withdrawal and detox.

Addiction often starts when a person first begins to develop a tolerance or dependence to the drug, and the body begins to crave it. Addiction or substance abuse symptoms usually include an intense craving for a drug or alcohol, continuing to use drugs or alcohol despite the negative consequences, a disinterest in things that you often enjoyed, and withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing drug use.

If you are experiencing any addiction or substance abuse symptoms, it is important to get help right away at an addiction treatment center or recovery rehab. A treatment center recovery program, such as Inland Detox will be able to treat the symptoms associated with addiction or substance abuse and help people become sober, and live a life without drugs or alcohol weighing them down. Our services offer healing and guidance to people who are admitted to our treatment recovery center.

Mental Health and Addiction

Our mental health is affected during addiction and the drug detox process, and because of this, treating mental health during drug detox is so important. Many people who suffer from a drug addiction, also have co-occurring mental health disorders.

According to the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), 45 percent of people with addiction have a co-occurring mental health disorder. When you seek out treatment for addiction and a co-occurring mental health disorder, you will stand the best chances of successfully attaining the fulfilling, healthy life you deserve.

Drug Detox and Withdrawal

The first step in addiction treatment is usually to go through drug detox or clear your system from all the substances you are currently using. This allows you to begin the withdrawal process, and once detox and withdrawal are done you can move on to regular treatment. When you get used to drugs or alcohol being in your system, you begin to develop a need for it. When this occurs, it results in withdrawals and you will start to feel uncomfortable.

One of the hardest steps in addiction treatment is to go through detox. This is because it can be very difficult on your system, and the symptoms that occur make it almost impossible to quit. Many reasons why people do not end up being able to stop using drugs is due to the detox and withdrawal period. Detox is more comfortable when you are able to be around addiction specialists who can monitor you the entire time.

If you would like help with addiction or detox, please contact our addiction treatment staff for additional information.

Reason to go to Detox

So, why should you go to drug detox? The reason to go to drug detox is to clear all the drugs and alcohol from your body in a safe, comfortable environment where you can be constantly monitored by a healthcare professional. Some people might wonder if they can go through drug detox at home, rather than go to a treatment center, but research shows the best outcomes occur when people go to a drug detox facility. Some of the main reasons to go to drug detox or detox treatment are listed below:

Withdrawal Can Be Life-Threatening

Going through detox and withdrawal from any drug or substance can be lethal or life-threatening if it is not treated by a healthcare professional. Withdrawal from alcohol and benzodiazepines like Xanax and Klonopin can be deadly, especially when stopped abruptly. Withdrawal from certain drugs or alcohol can cause serious side effects in the body including seizures, psychosis, or delirium tremens.

An inpatient detox program will have healthcare professionals available to monitor and assess your withdrawal symptoms and can prescribe medications if it is necessary. If you are at home, you will not have the same services available to you, to monitor your safety.

Greater Chance for Relapse

Dealing with cravings and temptations to drugs or alcohol can be excruciating to people going through it, and if you are at home, and not around constant supervision, those temptations can take over. If you are at an inpatient detox treatment recovery facility, you will not have access to drugs or alcohol, like you would at home, and you will be less uncomfortable than you would be at home.

Some people may prefer to go to an outpatient treatment recovery program, but with how intense a drug withdrawal can be, the better choice for you to get help is to go to an inpatient program, where you are assisted by healthcare providers.

Withdrawal Is Uncomfortable

When your body gets used to using drugs or alcohol, it will first begin to develop a dependence, which means your body will crave it until it no longer has to. When your body is used to drugs being in your system all the time, often the dependence takes over and an addiction or substance abuse develops. Going through withdrawal or detox can be extremely uncomfortable. Some of the common symptoms of withdrawal include:

  • Headaches
  • Vomiting
  • Restlessness
  • Sweats
  • Cramps
  • Shakes
  • Nausea

A healthcare or medical professional can ease the symptoms of withdrawal and detox, making it easier for people to remain sober.

If you would like information on the addiction treatment and recovery program at Inland Detox, insurance options, or other program info please contact us right away. We are happy to help you with your drug addiction and achieve a full recovery.

Reason for Healthcare Help

It’s important to have help from a healthcare provider during the process of a drug or alcohol detox. The importance of having a healthcare professional involved in your drug detox is to ensure that people are the most comfortable possible and safe during their detox period.

Healthcare providers are medically trained to assist people with detox, and are trained to know the right things to do in an emergency or life-threatening situation.

Inpatient and Outpatient Recovery Services

There are both inpatient and outpatient drug treatment programs available to treat drug addiction. An outpatient program allows you to remain living at your residence and attend treatment sessions multiple times a week. An outpatient drug program is less intensive, and does not require you to live on campus.

An inpatient drug treatment facility requires people to live at the facility, but the person receives constant care and can get help anytime they need it. The nice thing about an inpatient program is that you have healthcare providers present around the lock and can monitor the patient and provide services throughout the entire day.

When it comes to treatment outcomes, an inpatient treatment facility will offer greater outcomes of recovery versus an outpatient treatment center. The first step in getting help is to reach out to Inland Detox and get more information on our drug treatment and services for addiction.

Finding the Right Drug Detox

How do you choose the right drug detox facility? There are many variables to consider when finding the right detox treatment facility. Some things to consider are insurance and cost, program availability, methods of treatment, and location.

A great option for your drug detox and treatment is Inland Detox, which is located in beautiful Temecula, CA. For more information on our programs, please contact us or visit our website.

Treatment at Inland Detox

Inland Detox is a drug and alcohol treatment center that offers treatment for those suffering from addiction and are looking to get help and begin recovery. Our treatment center is unlike others around, and we focus on the individual people who walk through our door. Some of our services include constant care from healthcare providers, detox, and addiction treatment for all types of drugs.

All of our staff are trained to treat addiction, and we understand how addiction can affect individuals, when they are used to using substances to cope with specific feelings. Some of our additional amenities at our detox facility include meditation, counseling, addiction education, group therapy and yoga.

We want you to get help for your addiction, and the first step is to contact the staff at Inland Detox to learn more about our admissions process and specific addiction treatment methods.