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Should You Tell Your Employer You are Going to Drug Detox?

Should You Tell Your Job or Work About Your Need to Go to Drug/Alcohol Detox or Rehab? How To Tell Your A Job About An Addiction

Before you take the first step with a conversation with your boss or employer about going to drug treatment it is important to do some research first to determine what their policies and procedures are. If they don’t have any, you should determine what the healthcare policy is for sick employees.

It can seem scary to think about telling your job that you are going to drug rehab but it may be crucial to tell them up front that you have a problem and are getting help. There may be questions going through your head that you keep replaying preventing you from talking to your boss about needing treatment. Some of these questions may include:

  • Should I tell my boss or employer I need rehab?
  • How will my boss or work react when I tell them that I have an addiction?
  • Can I get fired for having a drug problem, substance abuse disorder or suffer from alcohol abuse?
  • What will my family think?
  • If so, how will I find a new job once I leave treatment if I do not keep mine?

How You Should Tell Your Manager or Work that You Need Drug Rehab

First, do some research on what your rights are for medical leave and other policies that are in place for employees taking time off or leaving work for extended periods of time. It is best to take some time before you have the conversation with your employer about your addiction and need a rehab facility.

You probably wonder how to tell your boss about your addiction problem, so here are some helpful tips on how to have this conversation:

Be Honest

When speaking with your work about a substance use disorder or addiction problem, it is vital to be honest and upfront. Even if they do not suspect that you have suffered from alcohol abuse or drug abuse, they may notice some changes in your performance that indicate you may need help. Being honest about needing treatment will allow them to understand exactly what is going on and how to help you in the best way for your recovery.

You should be honest and open about your addiction and substance abuse, but it is not necessary to give out every single detail to your boss. Usually, being honest during the conversation will make things easier for both you and your work.

Have a Hard Conversation

It will be best for you to have this tough conversation directly with your boss or manager that you need to go to drug or alcohol treatment, but if you do not feel comfortable doing this just make sure that you tell them you need to take a leave of absence for a medical or health condition. It is essential for you to prepare your employer about your time away at rehab in order to mitigate and help reduce the chance of losing your job.

Help Prepare Coworkers and Your Employer

Make sure that you tie up any loose ends, specifically for things that are your job so that you do not leave anything behind during your absence. Telling a job that you will be away will ensure that things are taken care of while you are gone. This will also make it easier for you to return to work once you are better and a higher probability you will keep your job.

Be Prepared

Being prepared and understanding what your rights are and what the policies are for medical leave will help to ease your worries about telling your boss or work. Get as much information as you can in order to be prepared upon asking for your request.

Do Not Fear Judgement

You may wonder what people will say or think about you when they find out about your drug or alcohol substance abuse problem. Most likely the people you work with will be more understanding than you think, and probably know someone else that suffers from drug addiction or alcoholism.

It is highly likely that your substance use disorder has affected your job performance, although this should not stop you from getting the help you need at an addiction treatment center. Getting help at a treatment center is your best shot at moving into recovery.

How do You Protect Yourself from an Addiction or Substance Use Disorder

Many people may not know this but addiction treatment is often covered under a federal law called the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA). People who are eligible will receive up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave through the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) for many health reasons that include:

  • The birth of an employee’s baby
  • Placement of an adoptive or foster child with an employee
  • Caring for a seriously ill immediate family member, such as a spouse, child, or parent
  • Caring for an employee’s own heath during a serious illness or health condition

Additionally, the Family Medical Leave Act protects people from their boss or work taking any action against the employee because they have exercised their own right to go to drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

What Causes Addiction

It is not always clear what the root cause of addiction is in every person. For some people it depends on why they started using drugs or alcohol in the first place. Generally, someone begins to develop a dependence and tolerance to the substance and starts to crave it, causing addiction to occur.

Finding the Right Treatment

It is crucial for you to find the right drug and alcohol treatment center or rehab so that you can get the proper help and become clean and sober. Living with an addiction can be difficult not only for you, but for the people around you. Treatment centers are trained to help individuals deal with their addiction with the right treatment methods to address the reasons behind your addiction.

Some things to consider when looking for a drug or alcohol addiction treatment center is the cost of the program or if they take insurance, the type of treatment methods they provide, what type of substance abuse disorder they treat, and the location of the treatment center.

Inland Detox is a drug and alcohol treatment center with trained medical and addiction health staff that can help treat your addiction. If you need more information on a program, please contact us. We want to help you move into a full recovery, free from drugs and alcohol and allow you to get your life back.

Treating Two Family Members in Treatment

If you are someone who has two family members struggling with addiction you are probably wondering how to treat two family members in detox. The answer is, that the best outcomes come from those that have both family members treated at the same time. Not necessarily treated at the same facility, but during the same time frame. This reduces the chance for relapse or future drug/alcohol use.

How to Keep Your Job During and After Drug Rehab

After telling your work, friends and family about your decision to go to drug treatment and rehab, it is now the time to follow through with your commitment to go to treatment.

This means doing the best you can to make it through the entire treatment process and not leaving prematurely or relapsing, if at all possible. Obviously, there are instances where you may have a challenging time and need extra help, but that is okay.

Going through the whole process of treatment and continuing with follow up care once you are done will offer the best outcomes for your recovery and the chance to get your job back. Once your job can see that you were able to overcome your challenges with addiction and that you completed treatment, will show them how much you truly want your job back.

It is possible to seek recovery from drug and alcohol abuse, and at Inland Detox we can help you every step of the way with our treatment programs. Our medical and addiction health staff are highly trained in addiction and can help treat your symptoms.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Help at Inland Detox

Inland Detox is located in the beautiful, rolling hills of Temecula, CA and treats individuals for addiction and drug and alcohol substance abuse disorders. Our highly trained medical addiction treatment staff are highly educated in addiction and substance, making it a priority to treat individual clients that come to our facility.

When you suffer from a drug or alcohol addiction or substance abuse disorder, it affects not only you, but your family as well. Our program is designed to help the entire family, by allowing everyone to attend counseling and follow up care. Our staff consists of licensed family and marriage counselors, and other medical staff that can treat you during your detox and other treatment.

Some of the amenities we offer at our treatment rehab include addiction education, cognitive behavioral therapies, nutrition education, and holistic treatment opportunities such as yoga and mindfulness. It is possible to get help for your substance abuse disorder, and we want to help you improve your health and move into recovery.

If you or someone you know is looking for help for an addiction, please contact our treatment facility for additional information on our programs.