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How to Treat 2 Family Members in Drug Detox

Helping a Family Member During Drug Treatment Rehab or Detox

It can be a devastating experience to watch a loved one or family member suffer from addiction or substance abuse. When your loved one or family member finally makes the plunge and decides to go to treatment, rehab or detox it can seem like a weight has been lifted, but the battle is not over yet.

One alarming fact about going to drug rehab or alcohol rehab is that few people, people who abuse substances and their loved ones included, have an understanding of what actually takes place inside drug rehab walls.

Although it can be difficult to watch a loved one suffer from addiction, drug abuse or alcoholism, and you may not feel like you can handle the stress that treatment or drug rehab will cause, it is important for families to stay by the individual struggling with addiction’s side. Now more than ever your family needs you and your support.

If you, someone in your family, or someone loved is suffering from addiction, drug abuse or substance abuse, please contact one of the staff at Inland Detox for information on our treatment center rehab and drug and alcohol addiction treatment services.

Helping a Family Member or Loved One During Drug Treatment

Despite the fact that a residential drug or alcohol treatment rehab program will separate the addicted individual from their family, loved ones are often encouraged to participate in the process with family therapy and other treatment services throughout recovery. It is possible to remain in contact with occasional visits from family which helps support loved ones who are in treatment or rehab.

Despite the distance from a loved family member, periodic contact visits, support groups, therapy sessions, and on-site educational programs and workshops often help develop healthier relationship dynamics between the patient and their family.

Substance abusers also benefit from family involvement; the majority of those struggling with addiction seek rehab treatment because of their family or loved ones’ support, love and encouragement for them to do so and make a change in their life.

Holding an Intervention

If a loved one, member of the family or friend is struggling with alcohol or drug addiction and they are not ready to go to addiction treatment and recovery, it may be necessary to hold an intervention for the addicted individual. An intervention specialist works directly with a loved one and the families to stage and moderate an intervention meeting with the individual suffering from abuse to a substance. With the help of an interventionist individuals can have help with finding the right addiction treatment so that they can move into recovery.

A benefit of an intervention is that it shows that the family members address the drug or alcohol problem and support them through that problem. It gives the addicted individual an opportunity to take action and receive help at a drug or alcohol treatment center or rehab. The goal is to get the person struggling with addiction to agree to the treatment program the family has already arranged. Once treatment begins, the individual has a higher likelihood of being able to achieve recovery from addiction.

If you are looking for an intervention specialist or help with encouraging someone to go to addiction recovery, please reach out to Inland Detox. Our recovery staff would be happy to help you with understanding the process of our addiction treatment programs.

Addiction is a Family Disease

People may not realize it but addiction is a family disease that not only affects the addicted individual, but the family members and other people around them as well. Watching family members struggle with addiction can be tough on both mental and physical health.

It can be exhausting and cause someone to experience anxiety or depression. They are constantly trying to ensure that their family is being taken care of and getting the right help and treatment at a rehab for a drug, alcohol or other substance problem.

How Substance Abuse Affects Families

There are other opportunities for families to stay connected to people going through treatment and rehab that is not limited to just the treatment center and rehab experience. Family members can get help by attending support groups such as Al-Anon to better understand addiction and abuse to a substance. These types of meetings help loved ones create a change of mindset and more peaceful lifestyle.

Addiction and substance abuse affect the entire family in many ways. Relationships, finances, safety, and more are all at risk. The specific effects depend on which person in the family unit has the substance abuse problem and whether or not they are seeking help.

Causes of Addiction

The root cause of addiction and substance abuse is still not totally clear, but there are genetic and biological factors that can increase the risk of someone developing an addiction or substance abuse problem. Often, if someone has a family member in recovery, they will also struggle with addiction as well.

Health Effects of Addiction

There are many health side effects and health problems that someone can get if they suffer from addiction or substance problems. Consistently using drugs or alcohol can put a huge strain on the body, causing unwanted and unnecessary health effects to occur.

Short-term effects

Below are some of the most common short-term health effects of addiction or substance abuse. These health effects may occur after just one use.

  • Changes in appetite
  • Overdose
  • Raised heart rate
  • Wakefulness
  • Psychosis
  • Stroke
  • Heart attack
  • Raised blood pressure
  • Even death
Longer-term health effects

Some of the most common long-term health effects include:

  • Heart or lung disease
  • HepatitisMental illness
  • Cancer
  • Long-term drug use can also lead to addiction

If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the above health effects from substance abuse, please contact Inland Detox to get more information on our addiction treatment services. Our team of addiction specialists and support staff can help assist you or a loved one in achieving a full recovery.

Treating 2 Family Members in Drug Detox

You may wonder the best way to support and get treatment for 2 family members who are struggling with addiction or drug or alcohol abuse. The main thing for families to remember is that if you have two family members who struggle with substance abuse, to have them get treatment or rehab at the same time.

One reason for this is because if one of the family members goes to addiction treatment and does not get help or has a bad experience, it is going to be much harder for the other individual to want to go to treatment.

The most ideal way to get treatment for multiple family members or for a loved one is to have them receive treatment services from two different treatment centers, but at the same time. This allows each individual to get the help and support necessary to treat their drug or alcohol problem, but in different environments allowing them to receive individual treatment.

Keeping your Job in Detox

Struggling with an addiction, drug or alcohol abuse problem can be extremely challenging. The one thing you do not want to have to worry about is risking your job or employment in order to go to treatment or rehab for an addiction. Your main concern should be your recovery, but of course most people will be thinking about all aspects of what it means to go to treatment.

So, should you tell your employer that you are going to drug detox? The answer is, yes and no. You do not have an obligation to give every detail about your addiction or substance abuse to your employer. You have the opportunity to contact your human resources (HR) department and be put on a medical leave of absence that is covered under the family medical leave act (FMLA). These services allow you to take the necessary time that you need in order to get help for your drug or alcohol addiction or substance abuse problem. Your job will stay protected in the process and you can focus on recovery.

Finding a Rehab

It can seem overwhelming to look for a drug treatment rehab for yourself or for someone in your family. You want the best care possible for the individual, as well as an environment where you think they will be the most comfortable. You also need to consider whether or not the addiction treatment rehab offers detox for drugs or alcohol, because this is often the first step in the treatment process.

Some things to consider when finding a treatment center or rehab for you or your family is the cost of the treatment program, what types of drugs or alcohol they treat, whether they offer detox treatment, types of treatment methods they use, and the location of the treatment center or rehab.

Getting Help at Inland Detox

Inland Detox is a drug and alcohol addiction and substance abuse treatment rehab that focuses on assisting individuals who need help with getting clean or sober. Our treatment services at our rehab range from behavioral health strategies, addiction and substance abuse education, detox care, and other holistic treatment options.

Inland Detox rehab is located in the luxurious rolling hills of Temecula, CA and we treat all different types of addiction including drug, alcohol, or other substance abuse. Our highly trained staff and clinicians provide all the necessary services and help for our clients to move into a full recovery, free from drugs and alcohol.

At Inland Detox, we understand the toll that addiction and substance abuse to drugs and alcohol can take on a family, which is why we include the entire family during treatment for drugs or alcohol. We offer both individual and group therapy options, extended to all members of the family.

If you or someone loved is struggling with the abuse of a substance, please contact Inland Detox for information on our addiction treatment services for drugs or alcohol. We want to be there to help you move into a full recovery and be free from drugs, alcohol or any other substance.