What Are Uppers? The Dangers of Uppers

Ten percent of people in the United States have a drug abuse disorder at some point. Numbers like this mean that it’s no shame to suffer from drug addiction. However, you should get treatment as soon as possible. 

There are different types of drugs that different people suffer addictions to. Uppers are some of the easiest to get addicted to. But what are uppers exactly? 

This article will walk you through the dangers of uppers, teach you about the types of uppers, and try to help you or a loved one find a cure for upper addiction. 

What Are Uppers? 

Uppers — which refers to stimulants or amphetamines— are a group of drugs that speed up the messages sent between the brain and the central nervous system. Because of this, they increase energy in users. The term “upper” is a slang term. 

They generally heighten feelings of self-confidence and increased alertness. This leads to them being used in a variety of scenarios, which we will list below. 

Almost all drugs come with some sort of crash. However, uppers, since it’s their job to lift people up, come with a pretty significant down. People coming down off of a high on uppers generally feel depressed, unmotivated, and lacking in energy. 

Uppers stand opposite to another class of drugs known colloquially as downers. Also known as depressants, an example of a drug that is considered a downer would be alcohol. Downers lead to a more relaxed state, though they can be just as addictive as uppers.

What Are Some Examples of Uppers? 

The most stereotypical example of an upper, perhaps, is cocaine. Cocaine famously gives a person a short-lived rush of energy and confidence. 

Various party drugs — such as poppers, or inhalants — are also stimulants, generally on a less significant scale than cocaine. They offer a rush so that people can continue dancing, feel less inhibited partying, and engage in sexual behavior. 

Amphetamines, such as speed, are a more extreme example of uppers. Someone under the influence of speed might experience a unique feeling of euphoria. 

Methamphetamines — such as crystal meth — are perhaps the most destructive kinds of uppers. It’s known for increasing wakefulness to the point that people lose significant amounts of sleep. People taking meth might also have a decreased appetite. 

Legal uppers 

However, there are also some legal and readily available stimulants. 

ADD and ADHD medicines — Adderal and Ritalin to name a few — are perfect examples of legal stimulants. They were designed to help people who have pathological trouble focusing by giving them a boost of energy and focus. People suffering from said disorders often note that these medications help them complete their schoolwork. 

However, just because they’re legal, doesn’t mean they can’t be abused. 

Many college campuses, including those of the most prestigious schools in the world, have Adderal problems. Students will often get the prescription drug and sell it to high-achievers so that they can help themselves focus.  

Caffeine is another example of a legal stimulant. It’s significantly less potent and dangerous than the above options, however. Especially since most people get their caffeine in beverages with relatively low levels of caffeine, and only have one at a time. 

Drinking too many cups of coffee can be a problem. However, the bigger problem is perhaps caffeine pills, which don’t take the time to consume that coffee does but offer the same amount of caffeine. These can easily be popped the same way that more hard stimulants are, and become “uppers”. 

How Do People Use Uppers?

As you can see, there are many different types of uppers out there. However, you can generally follow certain patterns amongst users.

The more illegal substances usually find use as party drugs. Cocaine is the stereotypical party drug — you can find it being used in lots of drugs during the ’70s and ’80s (a time that was a sort of cocaine boom). 

More severe uppers, like Meth, find themselves staples of certain subcultures — such as the PnP, or Party and Play, a subculture of the LGBTQ community. Subcultures like this are particularly damaging. This one in particular makes people feeling like they’re not part of the community unless they use. 

Other uppers, like coffee and ADD/ADHD, are often used for focus. Some people use more severe drugs as a substitute, however. It’s not uncommon to find an addict using cocaine the same way someone would use a cup of coffee. 

What Are the Dangers of Uppers? 

Depending on the upper, there can be a high likelihood of overdose. The sense of power and euphoria that uppers produce leads to many people wanting more and more. They go too far and wind up overdosing. 

It’s also hard to remember how much you’re using during a party situation. Other drugs — like alcohol — may dull the effects, which can lead to overdose. 

These party situations might put users in dangerous scenarios. Someone under the influence of these drugs may engage in irresponsible sexual behavior, which can damage relationships and increase the risk of STDs. 

Uppers can also have deleterious effects on the body. Meth is known to cause heart failure, anorexia, tooth decay, and depression. Cocaine can cause the structure of your nose to collapse, and may also lead to heart failure. 

Another symptom of substance abuse concerning uppers is higher levels of blood pressure. Since a user’s heart has to work extra hard, even after substance abuse ends, it may take time for blood pressure to return to normal levels.

Seek Treatment With Inland Detox 

If you or a loved one is suffering from an addiction to uppers, it’s important to get treatment as soon as possible. Luckily, there are rehabs out there that are focused on treating additions to uppers. 

It’s important to get specific treatment for your condition. Each drug addiction is unique. Inland Detox offers a program to cure people of their cocaine addictions, and meth addictions as well. 

Upper addictions aren’t quite as obvious as addictions to other sorts of drugs, since they promote optimism and positivity. However, what goes up must come down, and those artificially stimulating their moods in this way will eventually run into problems. 

Now you know the answer to what are uppers and have a better understanding of their dangers. Get help for you or your loved one today. 

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