How to Spot Meth Addiction In A Loved One

When Americans think about devastating drugs, they think about heroin or opioids. These drugs are devastating. But 2.6 million Americans use methamphetamine, and 1.5 million are addicted.

Meth addiction is unlike any other kind of addiction. It can lead to significant health problems and death. But there are unique meth addiction signs that concerned Americans can examine. 

What are the physical and psychological signs of meth addiction? What are some general drug addiction signs that people can spot? What is meth addiction treatment like? 

Answer these questions and you can be part of the solution for meth addiction. Here is your quick guide.

Physical Meth Addiction Signs

Meth addiction has many clear effects on the body. “Meth mouth” is the colloquial term for the effects of meth consumption inside the mouth. Someone’s teeth may begin to rot and their gums can become inflamed or swollen. 

A person’s skin can become sore or infected if they start to pick at their skin. Meth consumption can also constrict blood vessels, reducing the skin’s access to nutrients. Sores can resemble acne or bug bites, and they can appear on any part of the body. 

Meth use can limit a person’s hunger. They may lose an extreme amount of weight in a short period of time. Someone may wear baggy clothing or full sleeves during hot weather to conceal their weight loss. 

Most people smoke meth, so they need to light pipes or spoons with it. They may burn their fingers or lips, which can leave visible marks. Other signs of meth addiction include a thinning hairline, track marks, and red eyes. 

A person who shows a combination of symptoms may have an addiction to meth. But rotten teeth or skin sores by themselves may be a sign of another medical problem. No one should assume their loved one has an addiction just because they notice one symptom.

Psychological Meth Addiction Symptoms 

Meth activates the brain’s reward circuit. It can encourage the brain to produce more dopamine, which uplifts the mood and energy levels. Someone who seems happy and energetic all of a sudden may have an addiction. 

But as time goes on, the negative side effects of meth addiction become apparent. A person can develop psychosis and be unable to tell reality from fantasy. They may have hallucinations of insects crawling on their skin, which can lead them to scratch themselves. 

Someone may have auditory hallucinations. They may hear people calling their name or telling them to harm themselves. Their hallucinations may cause them to scream or act out.

“Tweaking” occurs when a person is unable to sleep while high on meth. They may show extreme irritability that causes them to use more meth. They may talk quickly or move in uncoordinated ways for no apparent reason.

Meth addiction can occur alongside another mental health condition. Someone may have schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or generalized anxiety disorder. Their meth use may make the symptoms of their mental health condition worse.

General Signs of Drug Addiction 

A person may show signs of drug addiction in general in addition to symptoms specific to meth addiction. Someone may develop problems at work or school. They may miss classes or meetings and stop showing interest in their work. 

An individual may show signs that they are neglecting their appearance. Their hair may grow long and they may stop brushing their teeth. 

Changes in behavior may become apparent, though this is not always the case. Someone may make efforts to limit access to their living space. They may spend long periods of time outside the house and they may ask for money for no good reason.

Meth Addiction Treatment 

Meth addiction is a serious health problem. But someone can receive holistic treatment that puts them on a long-term recovery journey.

Anyone who spots the signs of meth addiction in their relative should have a conversation with them. They should affirm the person and encourage them to seek meth addiction help. An intervention with many relatives may be helpful, but this may scare the person. 


A person can begin their treatment through detox. Doctors will use medications and therapies to reduce the amount of meth in their system. Going cold turkey can be extremely painful and result in a meth addiction relapse. 

While an individual is undergoing a detox, they can receive diagnoses for health conditions. It is important that someone with a mental health problem like depression receive treatment for that and their addiction. While they are in rehab, they can get help for chronic pain or a disorder like heart disease.

Residential Treatment

Residential treatment is the core of meth addiction treatment. An individual should pursue multiple therapies at once with a doctor’s consent. 

Talk therapy can help a person understand the triggers for their meth use. They may be using meth in order to escape from personal pain. Once they find triggers, they can find new ways of reacting to stress. 

Art therapy can help an individual release pent-up emotions. If a person prefers to write or play music, they can pursue writing or music therapy as well.

60% of people with meth addiction use meth again within a year of finishing residential treatment. Anyone who relapses can return to residential treatment for assistance. They can also pursue meth addiction resources like sober housing so they live in drug-free spaces after they leave treatment.

Find Meth Addiction Treatment In Temecula, CA

Meth addiction signs are extensive. Someone’s teeth may rot and their skin may develop sores. They may start to lose weight or develop red eyes. 

Psychological effects can include psychosis. Someone who is “tweaking” on meth may seem out of control and impossible to understand. They can also show general signs of addiction like behavioral problems. 

But anyone with meth addiction can receive help. A combination of detox and residential programs can provide a recovery solution. Your loved one can take their first step in no time. Inland Detox serves Southern California residents. Contact us in Riverside County today.