Sober Activities in Temecula, CA

10 Sober Activities: Having Fun With No Downside

When you stop drinking, you may feel as though there are no more “fun” things to do. When all of your friends can still go out on the town, what are you supposed to do? 

While they’re not as glamorized, there is plenty of fun sober activities for adults that are more enjoyable than alcohol. We’re here to offer a few of our favorite recommendations so you can stay on a clean and sober path.

Read on to learn more. 

1. Learn Something New

One of the best things that you can do when you’re living sober is to learn something new. This is the perfect opportunity to gain a new skill that you’ve always been wanting to try. 

Have you always wanted to take a cooking class? Do you want to crochet or knit? Maybe you’re interested in taking college classes and getting a certificate for something that interests you.

Regardless of what you’re interested in, learning something new will stimulate your mind and give you a helpful dopamine rush. You’ll be using your energy for something productive and you may find a new passion. 

2. Join a Gym

If you’re trying to get rid of excess energy, join a gym! Use this opportunity to get strong and fit. 

Exercise is great for your mental health and it may stave off alcohol cravings. Your body releases endorphins when you exercise, which are “feel good” chemicals. Those “feel good” chemicals reduce anxiety and depression. 

Many people who struggled with alcohol addiction also suffer from alcohol-related health problems. By exercising, you’ll be improving your physical health while you improve your mental health (and while you have fun). 

3. Try Sports and Unique Physical Activities

Are gyms not right for you? Are you looking for something more engaging than your average treadmill or weightlifting session? There are so many physical activity options out there that you’re sure to find something that you love. 

If you’re seeking a social group, continue joining a casual sports team. You could play community soccer, basketball, or even baseball. This is a great way to stay active and make friends that has nothing to do with alcohol. 

If you want a more solitary activity but you still want people nearby, try taking a class.

There are dance classes, aerial arts classes, rock climbing classes, martial arts classes, and so many other classes to choose from. Sober living is easy when you spend time doing a fun new physical activity. 

4. Join a Club

When you’re done getting physical, try joining a club. Clubs allow you to meet people in a sober setting. There are clubs for most activities, even if the activities are traditionally solitary.

Do you love a good book? Consider finding a local book club that has weekly meetings. If you love a specific type of art, find an art club.

There are clubs for tabletop games, hiking, and more. Consider using a site like MeetUp to find people in your area who are all looking for friends and activities!

5. Go Mini-Golfing, Skating, or Bowling

Are you looking for sober nighttime activities that don’t rely on the consumption of alcohol? Late-night activities for sober adults are few and far between, but that doesn’t mean that you don’t have options.

Many towns and cities have late-night mini-golf courses, skate rinks, and bowling alleys. They may serve alcohol at these establishments, but alcohol isn’t the main draw. 

Going to one of these places with friends is a lot of fun and you still get to be “out on the town” without drinking. 

6. Go Camping

If getting into nature seems more fun than going out on the town, gather some friends together and go on a camping trip. Whether you’re camping at a local trail or you’re traveling somewhere new, it’s a great way to disconnect from your day-to-day life and refresh your mind.

Getting outside is great for your mental health, and there’s something so calming about sleeping beneath the stars and waking up with the sun. 

7. Get Creative

It’s time to turn some of that negative energy into art. If you’d like to get creative, try starting a new art project or activity.

Many people think that art is only for “artists.” Art is for everyone, even if you don’t feel particularly talented. Even casually painting abstract work is great for channeling creative energy (and you may even love the results). 

If painting isn’t your style, try writing. Poetry, fiction, and even creative nonfiction are fantastic creative outlets. 

8. Visit a Museum

If there are accessible museums in your area, make it a point to visit them, especially if you’ve never been to them before. This is a great opportunity to get cultured and learn some new things.

If there are no local museums that catch your interest, consider taking a trip. Planning a trip to a museum (or a collection of museums, like The Smithsonian) gives you something to get excited about. 

9. Try Gardening

With spring approaching, now is the perfect time to start a garden.

Gardening is a mindful activity. It gives you something to be responsible for. If you’re not actively taking care of your plants, they’ll die.

Seeing plants grow and thrive due to your efforts can be satisfying. Once you see your first flower bloom, you’ll want more. 

If you have enough space, you could even take this opportunity to try starting a small produce garden. Haven’t you always wanted to grow your own fruits and vegetables? 

10. Start a Redecorating Project

If you’re looking for somewhere to expand your energy that isn’t the gym, why not try redecorating your home? Even if you live in a small apartment, redecorating is a fun activity. 

Start by cleaning and decluttering so you can get rid of things that no longer suit you. You may find that some of your old things remind you of your pre-sober life, so it’s best to remove them.

Redecorate to match your current lifestyle. Who are you trying to be? What would make you most comfortable? 

Try These Sober Activities

You don’t need alcohol to entertain yourself. These sober activities are fun and productive, and they’ll give you the dopamine boost that you need in order to stay sober. 

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