Inland Detox is now a California provider

In-Network with Aetna

Choosing the right insurance coverage for addiction treatment plans is key to saving money while getting high-quality treatment. One of the common options that our clients use is Aetna Insurance — a trusted provider that covers detox and rehabilitation services.

As an Aetna California provider, Inland Detox makes it easy to take advantage of drug and alcohol rehabilitation without straining the budget. By getting in touch with our specialists, potential clients can ensure that their insurance covers the treatment. 

Do You Have Aetna Health Insurance?

Patients who have Aetna health insurance can take full advantage of Inland Detox services. To make sure their insurance plan covers detox and rehabilitation, our clients can:

  • Call the company (assistants are always ready to answer coverage-related questions)
  • Check the Aetna member website
  • Contact our admissions team to verify the coverage

Aetna is well-known for its low co-pays. That’s why if our clients work with this insurance provider, they may be able to save on detox and rehabilitation services. Based on the plan,  they may have partial or complete rehab coverage.

Is Aetna Good Insurance?

Aetna is one of the oldest and largest healthcare insurance providers in the United States. Founded in 1853, the company’s network includes over a million healthcare professionals and over 5,700 hospitals.

In compliance with the Affordable Care Act (ACA), Aetna members get access to insurance plans that fully or partially cover substance abuse rehab programs.

With Aetna, the amount patients have to spend on addiction treatment depends on several factors, including:

  • Type of healthcare plan
  • Required treatment
  • Treatment duration
  • The kind of detox and rehab program

Regarding the number of members, Aetna ranks sixth in the United States. Almost 40 million people choose this health insurance provider for its extensive extra benefits, low-premium prescription drug plans, and overall low rates.

When our clients buy Aetna health insurance in California, they can get excellent coverage for rehabilitation and other healthcare needs.

Benefits of Choosing Inland Detox

When patients or their families choose Inland Detox to address their drug or alcohol addiction, they can expect a comprehensive detox and rehab strategy coupled with evidence-based treatment programs and a compassionate approach.

At Inland Detox in Southern California, we understand the importance of making detox comfortable for our patients. That’s why we only work with several people at a time.

The team of licensed medical professionals uses extensive knowledge and experience to simplify the most challenging steps of detox. Our comprehensive medical approach helps to ensure a successful rehabilitation. Our goal isn’t just to get the toxic substances out of a person’s system. We need to make sure they don’t come back again.  

Unique Approach to Each Patient

Each person who is struggling with addiction has unique needs. They must be considered when designing a detox and rehab plan. While general methods exist, each can be tailored to suit each client.

At Inland Detox, we understand the importance of taking a customized approach to each patient. Our specialists set concrete goals for each case to ensure the patient gets the proper treatment. Our comprehensive approach to treatment approach to treatment helps people improve their quality of life. 

We don’t just address the short-term physical problems of withdrawal. Our medical professionals go further to minimize the possibility of relapses.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Model

Dual diagnosis treatment addresses two diagnoses at once. People who are fighting addiction need both physical and psychological help. They usually have co-occurring mental and behavioral conditions. For example, depression and drug addiction or anxiety and alcoholism.

Since dual diagnosis is challenging to address, many detox centers focus on eliminating physical symptoms first. And then treatment professionals will refer the patient to a longer term rehab facility. Meanwhile, Inland Detox takes a comprehensive approach.

Once patients start their journey at our center, we immediately implement the dual diagnosis treatment model. It involves removing toxic substances from the body and providing psychological support simultaneously.

Intervention Options

If a person doesn’t understand the depths of their addiction, it may be impossible for a family member to help them. That’s where professional intervention comes in.

At Inland Detox, we use the latest intervention methodologies to help the patient understand the importance of detox and rehab.

Our team of intervention and medical specialists builds a comprehensive intervention plan with a high potential for success. Once the patient agrees to detox, we can start working on it immediately.

Residential Treatment Program

At Inland Detox, we offer both detox and residential treatment programs. Our specialists help clients choose the right one for their current needs.

Residential treatment is a long-term program that offers a comprehensive set of services:

  • CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)
  • Counseling
  • Life skill education
  • Medical support
  • AA and NA meetings
  • And more

Our patients often start with a detox program and then enroll in the residential program.

Detox for Drug Combinations

If a person is taking several drugs, it’s essential to adjust the approach to detox accordingly. We safely use evidence-based and medicine-assisted treatment to remove the drug from the person’s system.

Our goal is to ease or alleviate detox-related pain and prevent withdrawal complications.

Inland Detox is an In-Network Aetna Provider

Inland Detox is one of Aetna’s healthcare providers in California. We work with this popular insurance company to help our patients get the services they need. 

Our goal is to provide high-quality and cost-efficient care to all our clients. We advise our patients to contact the admissions team to check if their health insurance plan covers our services. 

Find Healing with Inland Detox

Inland Detox is a place that helps people change their lives. If a person is suffering from addiction and its consequences, we can help.

Even the most challenging addiction cases aren’t hopeless. Our team of medical, behavioral, and mental health specialists is here to provide much-needed healing for both mind and body.

At Inland Detox, we aim to help each patient start a new, drug-free life. Get in touch with us today!