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Getting Treatment For Addiction In Rhode Island

When you or your loved one decides to get help for an addiction problem, it can be a huge adjustment, not only for the person going to treatment, but for the whole family involved. It’s not easy to admit you have a problem with a substance, and it may seem overwhelming to even think about going to rehab, where you will no longer be able to live your life the way you used to. Along with not being able to continue to use drugs, you will also be away from your friends and family, which can make it seem even more difficult.

If you are looking for addiction treatment in Rhode Island, keep in mind that there are many options that will provide you with multiple levels of care. It is important to consider the value in getting treatment for a substance use disorder in Rhode Island. By being admitted to Inland Detox’s drug treatment program, you will be able to receive high level care in an environment that is suitable for your detox and addiction recovery.

At Inland Detox, you can get the help you deserve for addiction treatment and become sober, living without drugs or alcohol. Not only is the location beautiful, set in the quiet, peaceful Temecula valley, but it is also easily accessible from all corners of Rhode Island. No matter where you live, you will feel comfortable and at home at our treatment facility.

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Committing To Rehab And Mental Health Symptoms

The commitment to completing a treatment program, holds you accountable for your recovery. By saying that you are going to rehab, and that you want to get better, you are telling yourself that you are ready to get clean from drugs and alcohol. This is a huge deal, and it needs to be recognized as one.

For some people, they cannot even imagine going to treatment for drugs or alcohol. It can feel very scary and overwhelming. If you are suffering from substance abuse you most likely are struggling with some additional mental health symptoms such as anxiety, depression, panic attacks, bipolar disorder, or eating disorders. By attending treatment, you will be able to get help for both your addiction and any underlying mental health disorders that you have.

Inland Detox treats people from all over the country, and we understand the difficulty of being away from your family or loved ones during treatment. We offer continued support to our clients and ensure that you are staying in touch with your loved ones during the process so that you remain connected with them.

Using Insurance For Addiction Rehab

If you are worried about financing, or how you will pay for your substance abuse treatment, a good option may be to use your insurance plan if you have one. Your insurance may cover the costs for detox and rehab at any facility you choose, including Inland Detox. Depending on what insurance company you use and what plan you have, a lot of the cost may be covered. The first step is to reach out to a coordinator at Inland Detox to help you verify your insurance and determine your eligibility.

Types Of Insurance Taken

Inland Detox is in network with some insurance plans that can potentially cover a portion of your addiction treatment. We currently do not cover Medicare or Medicaid, but our staff can work with you on the best way to handle the financial aspect of getting you into treatment.

Will My Insurance Cover Treatment?

Many insurance plans will cover addiction treatment in various locations and places such as at Inland Detox in Rhode Island. Coverage is based upon what type of insurance you have and the plan. For instance, some insurance plans will cover a detox program but will not cover an inpatient or residential program. Different insurance plans will cover a different length of stay, depending on what your coverage is. In terms of outcomes in treatment, it has been noted that increased success in recovery is associated with longer lengths of stay.

What To Expect At Treatment?

The first step in beginning your treatment journey is to contact one of our admission’s coordinators at Inland Detox. They will be able to perform an assessment to determine what type of treatment will be necessary for you for a successful recovery. From there, they will help establish what your insurance eligibility is and everything else that is needed to know before you visit our private, upscale facility.

Our program is unlike any other program in the country, housing only six people at a time, ensuring you are comfortable and have enough space while you stay. You will receive personalized care in a calm and relaxed environment. We cater to clients that are coming from anywhere in the entire country, and it is easy to reach our Temecula detox facility from all area airports, including San Diego, Riverside, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Los Angeles.

Addiction Treatment And Rehab At Inland Detox

At Inland Detox we offer multiple methods of treatment for our clients, and we are cognizant of the fact that every person recovers in a different way. Our goal is to meet each client where they are at in their recovery and cater their program to meet their individual needs. Below is a list of some of the amenities that we offer at our center.

Amenities at Inland Detox

Some of the many amenities that we offer at our treatment center includes:

  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Family counseling
  • Addiction education
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Participation in local AA and NA meetings
  • Follow-up and aftercare services
  • Coping skills training
  • Nutrition
  • Life skills education
  • Medical support
  • Yoga, mindfulness, and meditation training

What we Treat

We treat drug and alcohol addiction problems at our facility with many levels of care for your treatment. The most common struggles our clients face include dependence on prescription pain medication, opiate addiction, benzodiazepines, alcohol, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. Our detox program also helps those that want to quit using prescription drugs.

Another program we offer, our dual diagnosis detox program, addresses past trauma or underlying mental health conditions. It specifically helps you understand the reason behind your addiction and allows you to enter a more in-depth therapy program to address your needs.

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Why Inland Detox?

At Inland Detox we understand how hard it is to take the first step towards your addiction treatment. Our commitment to you or your loved one, stems from our passion to help our clients. By receiving the most comprehensive, compassionate care, you will have the best opportunity to be successful in your recovery.

You are not just a client, you are part of our treatment center family, and we value the relationships with each one of you. We understand the need for detox and treatment, which is why we help our clients work through the entire process of their treatment from start to finish. We strive to learn as much as we can about our clients while they are in our care, so that we can provide the best possible treatment options.

Confidentiality and Privacy

Admitting you have a problem and taking the step to get better is a huge deal, but it may not be something that you want to publicize and that you would like to remain private. By going to treatment at Inland Detox, you can allow yourself the opportunity to remain confidential and private during your addiction treatment stay.

At any point, it’s not too late for you or a loved one to get help for your addiction problem. Call one of our admissions specialists anytime at (888) 739-8296, or enter your contact information on our page to request a member of our team to follow up with you as soon as possible.

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