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Yes, Heroin Withdrawal Can Be Deadly

Heroin withdrawal (or withdrawal from opiate prescription drug addiction) is one of those things about which it’s sometimes said: It won’t kill you, but it’ll make dying look pretty attractive by comparison. And it’s true that, unlike a self-imposed alcohol detox program that carries high risk of being lethal, most attempts to break the heroin habit by cutting off the supply have no worse effects than a severe case of flu.

Methadone Rehab Treatment Center

Methadone Rehab: How To Find The Right Treatment Center

Although heroin treatment centers have long used methadone to help clients ease off more dangerous opiates, methadone itself is by no means risk-free. In fact, while going “cold turkey” from heroin is unpleasant but rarely fatal, there’s evidence that methadone withdrawal can be as potentially life-threatening as benzodiazepine detox or a mismanaged alcohol detox program—at least if the methadone has been taken in high doses for long periods.

The Best Way to Quit Addictive Drugs

Tips for Helping an Alcoholic Friend or Family Member

If you’re in recovery from alcohol addiction, it no doubt took you a long time to admit your drinking was a problem. If you’ve never been a heavy drinker yourself, you’ve no doubt had some habits that were hard to admit and harder to break. In either case, if you have an alcoholic friend or family member,