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Inland Detox is committed to providing the most effective, highest quality care in the field of alcohol and drug detox. Our detox program takes place in an upscale, residential setting on 8 acres insuring our clients benefit from both privacy and the highest level of care possible. Inland Detox maintains a wide range of staff 24 hours per day including California certified and licensed marriage and family therapists as well as an abundance of supporting staff. Our SoCal detox program caters to the needs of a wide spectrum of clients and helps them seamlessly transition from detox to their next level of care.

The Inland Detox Experience

We recognize people come to detox from drugs and alcohol for a wide variety of reasons. Some clients come to us as referrals from long-term, residential, drug and alcohol rehabilitation facilities that do not offer detox services. Others come to us solely seeking detox.

In either case, our goal is always the same: to help our clients effectively and comfortably detox from alcohol or drugs and to help them make positive choices when transitioning from detox to another level of care.


When you arrive in southern California, you’ll be evaluated by a doctor to determine whether your condition is appropriate for clinical detox. While at Inland Detox, you will go through a process called stabilization; this entails going through the withdrawal process in a comfortable, quiet setting. Once your condition is stable, you will be referred for further treatment, generally in an inpatient residential setting.


Someone who is experiencing a substance abuse problem may wonder what it means to go through detoxification or “detox”. The first step in addiction treatment is usually the detox phase, the process in which you clear your system from any drugs or alcohol and remain sober. In the case of substance abuse, the detox phase refers to the period of time that it takes the body to metabolize or process any drugs or alcohol that are currently in a person’s system.
At Inland Detox, we understand that everyone has their own story and reasons for wanting to detox from drugs or alcohol. Some clients may be coming to us strictly to detox while others are looking to go to a drug treatment facility that does not currently offer detoxification services. Our goal remains the same for every single client we serve, and that is to help them detox comfortably and support them in making positive life choices.

Side Effects Of Detox

Everyone will experience detox in a different way. The process can be extremely dangerous, which is why it is safer to detox with a medical professional present to help along the way. The best step towards recovery is through the safe detox program at Inland Detox. Our program offers accurate client assessment, stabilization, effective treatment planning and discharge planning. Some of the side effects of detoxification from drugs can include:

  • Nervousness or anxiety
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Insomnia
  • Poor sleep
  • Mood swings
  • Nausea
  • Body discomfort
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Detoxing From Drugs

Detoxing from drugs can be a very uncomfortable process and it causes different reactions in a person depending on the type of drug they have been using. Some drugs may cause more discomfort physically and others, mentally.

For example, detoxing from meth can cause extreme psychological withdrawals, managing anxiety and intense cravings. Alcohol, on the other hand, causes dangerous physical withdrawals and can even lead to seizures in severe cases.

“Drugs that are most dangerous to detox from, and often require medication, include alcohol and benzodiazepines. The drugs that are considered the most uncomfortable to detox from are opioids, especially heroin.”

Each drug will cause different detox side effects. Below are some of the most common drugs that cause withdrawal and therefore will require medical detox – each side effect is treated by our medical staff.

Specific Drugs


One of the drugs that is most uncomfortable to detox from is opioids. The timeframe in which withdrawal symptoms will occur is determined by how fast acting the opioid is that was taken. Heroin withdrawal can happen quickly, within a few hours and include muscle aches, anxiety, runny nose, insomnia, sweating and frequent yawning.


One of the drugs that we consider to be most dangerous to detox from is alcohol. Inland Detox treats alcohol detox as a life-threatening health problem. Withdrawal symptoms include anxiety, restlessness, sweating, headaches, chills, vomiting and insomnia. Other severe side effects are seizures, delirium tremens, hallucinations, high-blood pressure, increased heart rate, and severe depression.


Detoxing from methamphetamine (meth) or cocaine can be quite challenging due to the set of symptoms that are unique among drugs of use. Some of the intense withdrawal symptoms can include but are not limited to extreme fatigue, irritability, depression, anxiety, psychosis, anger/aggression, paranoia, intense cravings, mood swings and sleepiness.

How Long Does Detox Take?

There is no exact timeframe for someone to detox from a specific drug. There are many variables that determine the rate in which a substance will be cleared from a person’s system. It could take anywhere from hours to days, depending on the drug. Here are the major factors that determine the rate of detoxification:

  • The drug being used
  • The health condition of the individual
  • Previous attempts at detox
  • The goals of the patient
  • The rate, dose, and duration of use
  • The detox environment
  • The presence of any poly-substance abuse
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Dangers Of Detoxing Alone

Detoxing from a drug or alcohol at home can be extremely dangerous and cause serious health problems to occur. When someone detoxes, it causes withdrawal symptoms to happen and without the support of a medical professional it can become a problem or potential emergency quickly. It can also cause relapses to occur more often, because the person cannot handle the symptoms associated with their withdrawal and will resort to taking more substances.

Inland Detox is a drug and alcohol detox facility that embraces our clients’ individual needs and is able to help a wide spectrum of clientele get the specific treatment they need to effectively get through detox and transition to their next level of care.

Detox At Inland

Inland Detox offers one of the highest levels of care in the Inland Empire. Our SoCal detox program has met the stringent criteria to be licensed to offer Incidental Medical Services (IMS). IMS refers to optional medical services that can be provided at a licensed facility under the supervision of a healthcare provider. In essence, our doctor will come to Inland Detox to see you – versus – you going to see our Doctor. Medical issues included in IMS are detoxification, recovery services and treatment.

The following six IMS services are provided, Inland Detox is licensed with DHCS to provide IMS:

  • Obtain medical histories
  • Monitor health status
  • Testing associated with detoxification from alcohol or drugs
  • Provide alcoholism or drug abuse recovery or treatment services
  • Oversee patient self-administered medications
  • Treat substance abuse disorders, including detoxification

If you or someone you know is suffering from a substance use disorder and needs help, please reach out to one of our 24-hour admissions team. Don’t wait another day. Find hope and healing with us at Inland Detox. Contact us at (888) 739-8296.

Incidental Medical Services

Before you arrive at our facility in Temecula, California, you will first be assessed by our fabulous intake team. Once approved for admission, our team of nurses, clinicians, and our doctor will determine the best plan for medical detox. You will begin the process called medical stabilization which refers to the beginning of the withdrawal phase, which is monitored by medical staff. Our tranquil and comfortable, setting allow you to walk through this process while being supported and encouraged by our team.

All of our clients receive around the clock care in our clinically supervised, beautiful facility. Our experienced and compassionate staff take detoxification very seriously and want to provide you with the best care possible to remain comfortable during a challenging time in your life.

Innovative Treatment Methods

Inland Detox utilizes highly skilled and experienced clinical staff members to help our clients obtain the best possible treatment results. Many people in long-term, residential treatment for drug and alcohol abuse need dual-diagnosis treatment methodologies because they suffer both from psychological and physical dependence issues. Many other SoCal detox centers do not offer these services, merely managing the physical symptoms of detox and passing the responsibility for treatment on to others.

Inland Detox believes the best way to begin treatment in a residential detox program is to have a dual-diagnosis treatment model in place. As such, our clients will benefit from the fact we employ a full-time California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of residential treatment experience as well as full-time, round-the-clock support staff in a residential environment.

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If You’re Coming To Us As A Referral

A large percentage of clients that come to us are referred by treatment centers throughout Southern California that do not offer inpatient detox services. In these situations, we work with your long-term treatment provider to coordinate your detox care.

Many of our clients fly into one of the major airports in Southern California and utilize car services like Uber or Lyft to travel to our detox facility. Once your detox program is complete, you’ll return to your long-term treatment center to continue your course of care.

If You Are Self-Referred

Self-referred clients come to us for a number of reasons. Some have relapsed from an extended term of sobriety and wish to detox and then continue their existing out-client counseling. Others have been to rehab before and treat detox as their first step and plan on going to inpatient rehab thereafter. In some cases, new clients have never been to treatment before. Whatever the reason may be, our goal is always the same: to help our clients detox in comfort and plan their next steps. If you have your next level of care planned out already, we will transport you to any location in Southern California when your detox treatment ends. Our philosophy of treatment begins with compassion and ends with respect for our clients wishes no matter what their intentions are after detox.