What We Treat

What Do We Do?

Inland Detox treats those in need of detoxification from alcohol, prescription drugs and illicit drugs. The majority of those we serve struggle with dependence on prescription pain medication, alcohol, benzdiazepines, heroin, methamphetamine and cocaine. Our drug detox programs can also help those that want to stop using prescription drugs. Individuals who also have underlying mental health issues or past trauma can also benefit from our dual diagnosis detox program, which helps address the underlying causes of addiction and serves as a prelude to the more in-depth therapy experienced in residential treatment.

A Unique Approach

Our approach to detox is unique for each client. For example, we’ve come to recognize many people with prescription pain dependence problems suffer from addiction because of poorly treated, untreated or diagnosed injuries that lead to pain. Our clinical staff can refer our clients to qualified professionals that will help our clients get the treatment they deserve to fix underlying physical problems that cause pain. Through effective coordination of care, Inland Detox is not only able to help our clients detox from drugs and alcohol, but to also coordinate complex solutions to health issues that cause many people to seek prescription pain medication. We believe that the role of a detox center is not just to manage the physical symptoms of withdrawal — our role is to lay the foundation for long-term sobriety and quality of life, addressing the underlying causes of addiction to ensure that each individual can build a vibrant, healthy self free from drugs and alcohol


When you arrive in southern California, you’ll be evaluated by a doctor to determine whether your condition is appropriate for clinical detox. While at Inland Detox, you will go through a process called stabilization; this entails going through the withdrawal process in a comfortable, quiet setting. Once your condition is stable, you will be referred for further treatment, generally in an inpatient residential setting.
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Innovative Treatment Methods

Inland Detox utilizes highly skilled and experienced clinical staff members to help our clients obtain the best possible treatment results. Many people in long-term, residential treatment for drug and alcohol abuse need dual-diagnosis treatment methodologies because they suffer both from psychological and physical dependence issues. Many drug detox centers do not offer these services, merely managing the physical symptoms of detox and passing the responsibility for treatment on to others. Noting this, Inland Detox believes the best way to begin treatment in a residential detox program is to have a dual-diagnosis treatment model in place. As such, our clients will benefit from the fact we employ a full-time California Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with years of residential treatment experience as well as full-time, round-the-clock support staff in a residential environment.

Get The Best Help You Deserve

If you or someone you know needs help detoxing from drugs or alcohol, call Inland Detox today at (888) 739-8296. Our detox center can help you beat addiction and get your life back.