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If you or a loved one are in need of a detox center in Orange County, trying to find one can be an overwhelming process. With so many options available, how do you know what to look for? Luckily, there are key features of detox programs that you can focus on in your search, regardless of which drug or drugs you are in need of detox for. Finding an Orange County detox that addresses these key areas may seem daunting, but ensuring that you receive the highest quality treatment and set yourself up for long-term sobriety is of the utmost importance. In short, it’s worth the effort to find a rehab center in Orange County that truly fits your needs.

Detox Centers in Orange County

Orange County is known as a Mecca of addiction treatment, with myriad rehab and detox centers to choose from. However, if you’re currently living in Orange County, it might not be the best idea to remain there for treatment. Remaining in your current environment can create feelings of complacency and encourage you to not take the treatment process seriously. The ease with which you can leave treatment and return to old habits and haunts means that successful outcomes are harder to come by in this environment. Inland Detox offers the comfort of a Southern California environment, but is about an hour’s drive from Orange County, giving you the space to focus on the most important thing – your recovery. If you’re looking for detox centers in Orange County, it’s certainly worth considering such an option that allows you to stay relatively local but keeps the temptations of addiction at arm’s length.

How Does the Detox Process Work?
When you arrive in southern California, you’ll be evaluated by a doctor to determine whether your condition is appropriate for clinical detox. While at Inland Detox, you will go through a process called stabilization; this entails going through the withdrawal process in a comfortable, quiet setting. Once your condition is stable, you will be referred for further treatment, generally in an inpatient residential setting.

The Three Core Tenets of Detox

As far as the detox program itself is concerned, there are three primary considerations you should focus on when choosing an Orange County detox. First and most important, you want to find a facility that specializes in stabilization and offers clinical supervision by qualified personnel. Keep an eye out for facilities that employ or work with licensed medical doctors, licensed vocational nurses, certified nursing assistants and other pertinent medical personnel. Detox facilities that work with medical professionals are more likely to be able to successfully handle any complications that may arise during detox, ensuring your safety and the completion of your objective: physical sobriety.

The Best Orange County Detox

Secondarily, keep an eye out for a detox that includes counseling as part of their treatment regimen. While physical stabilization is the key objective of detox, it is not a replacement for treatment; it is intended to serve as the first step in a treatment program that can include residential rehab and/or intensive outpatient counseling and can last in excess of 90 days. While detox exists to get you physically sober, it is a jumping off point for the spectrum of treatment, and starting to address the underlying causes of addiction at that point helps to prepare you for the more intensive therapeutic environment that you will experience at further levels of care. Therefore, you should look for rehab centers in Orange County that include both individual and group therapy as part of their treatment regimen. These centers should also employ licensed and certified therapists in the form of Ph.D’s, Psy.D’s, licensed marriage and family therapists, and registered alcohol and drug technicians. Ensuring that a facility utilizes highly-qualified therapists correlates strongly with the quality of therapy provided, and receiving more effective therapy at the detox level of care leaves you better prepared to process your addiction at further levels of care.

Finally, you will want to identify drug rehabs in Orange County that provide discharge and aftercare planning to allow you to continue your treatment at further levels of care. Detoxification typically only lasts five to seven days, which is not nearly enough to address addiction therapeutically – dealing with the underlying causes of your addiction is a lifetime process, but the formal therapy process can last for many months. Therefore, you want a detox center that supports this and provides aftercare planning in the form of referrals for residential treatment or intensive outpatient programs. This will typically include creation of a long-term treatment plan based on your initial counseling sessions, identifying the major issues you will need to process during your treatment to enable you to transition back into your normal life with the tools you need to remain sober.

Take The First Step

If you’ve read this far, you’re likely seriously considering an Orange County rehab for yourself or a loved one. If you’re ready to get sober and build a better life free from drugs and alcohol, please call Inland Detox today at (888) 739-8296. Our admissions staff is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help you make an informed decision about treatment and provide any resources you may need to get on the path to sobriety.

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About Inland Detox

Inland Detox is committed to providing the most effective, highest quality care in the field of alcohol and drug detox.

Client assessment is a multi-stage process that begins when you first call and continues during the onsite intake process. When you call Inland Detox you’ll speak to an Admissions Advisor that will help you understand the admissions process. They’ll ask you about your needs and help you determine if Inland Detox is a right fit for you. Upon admission, you’ll be assessed by staff that will identify your immediate needs and they will work with clinical staff to design a custom treatment plan.

Client stabilization is the second goal of effective detox treatment. At this stage of care, our Clinical Director addresses the client’s immediate needs while taking in to account the unique history of each client. Inland Detox staff will coordinate efforts with your primary physician or a local physician if you need to continue a course of prescribed medication or begin a new course of medication in the process of detox.

Our clinical staff members design a custom treatment plan for each client of Inland Detox. Our treatment plans take in to consideration the substance abuse history of each client, their immediate medical, psychological, nutritional and social needs as well. Our understanding of the detox process is that it is the first step towards recovery. As such, our clinical and supportive staff members work in concert to suggest effective care upon discharge. This may include finding appropriate long-term residential care provider or making a transition to outpatient care.

When it’s time for our clients to transition from our detox program to their next level of care, we insure a smooth transition. Our clinical and administrative staff members will coordinate travel from our facility to our client’s next destination. Our goal is to insure that from the time our client’s reach us until the time they transition to their next stage in life, we are with them the entire way.

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