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Crack vs cocaine treatment in Riverside County; girl talking with a therapist

Crack vs Cocaine

The differences between crack vs cocaine are mainly how the drug is used. Both are addictive substances but recovery can be found with treatment.

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Am I An Addict Self-Quiz & Guide

Am I an Addict?

Take the "Am I an Addict Quiz" based on the DSM-V criteria to see if you or your loved one are struggling with addiction. Learn the signs & how to get help.

Am I an Alcoholic Self-Test Inland Empire CA

Am I an Alcoholic?

Are your drinking habits normal, or have they crossed the line into potential alcoholism? Inland Detox in Riverside County offers a self-assessment here.

Addiction Resources

Alcohol & Depression Connection Temecula, CA

Alcohol & Depression

Its no surprise that depression and alcohol have a strong connection. Both of of them can lead to one another. To learn more with Inland Detox, click here.

Drug Withdrawal Symptoms Riverside County, CA

Guide to Withdrawal Symptoms

If you need detox for a drug addiction, you must understand how to handle withdrawal. This guide explains everything to know about drug withdrawal symptoms.

Covid's Impact on Addiction

COVID's Impact on Addiction

Because of the pandemic, COVID-19 and addiction go hand in hand. Learn about the pandemic's impact on substance abuse in the past year.

The Disadvantages of Legalizing Marijuana in CA

Disadvantages of Legalizing Marijuana

Marijuana has become a socially acceptable drug in many places throughout the US. Legalizing marijuana may come with serious consequences.


Family Roles in Addiction

Addiction is quite often a family disease, and addictions affect entire families. These resources for dealing with substance abuse in your family will help.

Nutrition for Addiction Recovery

Importance of Good Nutrition in Addiction Recovery

Addiction can lead to serious nutritional deficiency. Inland Detox explains the important role of good nutrition in maximizing your recovery.

Trauma & Addiction The Connection Between

Trauma & Addiction

Many people find themselves in a cycle where exposure to trauma leads to alcohol and drug use, which produces new traumatic events. Read here to learn more.

How to Stage an Intervention Riverside

How to Stage an Intervention

An intervention can be challenging, but to help loved ones find recovery from drugs & alcohol this can be necessary. Learn the steps and how to find success.

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) Treatment in Riverside County, CA

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS)

Post-Acute Withdrawal Syndrome (PAWS) can be a common cognition that newly recovering addicts struggle with, but treatments can help.

Ultimate Addiction Resource Guides


Ultimate Alcohol Resource Guide

If you or a loved one is suffering from alcoholism, this guide is for you. Read this for a deep dive into everything you could want to know about alcohol.

Group benzodiazepines detox therapy session with a group of divser people putting their arms around each others shoulders in support

Ultimate Benzodiazepine Resource Guide

Do you need information and resources concerning benzodiazepines? Read this guide to find out everything you need to know about recovering from benzos.

Man with cocaine addiction getting help in therapy

Ultimate Cocaine Resource Guide

Cocaine and crack cocaine have affected nearly 2% of the US population. Click here to learn more about this addictive substance and how you can seek help.

opioid detox therapy session: a young blonde woman sitting on a beige couch with her legs crossed wearing a blue blouse, talking to her therapist sitting across from her

Ultimate Opioid Resource Guide

Opioid use disorder can be a challenging addiction. This resource provides all the tools you need to help yourself or a loved one find recovery from opioids.