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Inland Detox was created for the purpose of bringing a higher standard of detox care to Southern California. Our founders and staff have a host of experience in the drug treatment process, ensuring that you are cared for by professionals who care about only one thing: your recovery.

sandra cox

Dr. Sandra Cox

Medical Director

Dr. Cox is board certified in Psychiatry by the American Board of Psychiatry and Neurology. Dr. Cox has extensive experience treating alcohol dependence, alcohol-induced mental disorders, bi-polar disorder, major depressive disorder, opioid dependence and post-traumatic stress disorder. Dr. Cox earned her MD from the University of Missouri School of Medicine in 1991.

kyle hartfield

Kyle Hartfield

CEO Inland Detox

Kyle maintains over 6 years experience as an Interventionist, as an owner of intensive outpatient programs and now as the owner of a CARF accredited residential detox program. Kyle’s mission for Inland Detox is to be recognized as the highest quality inpatient detox program in Riverside County that serves the needs of our clients and referring treatment providers.

kenneth corioso

Kenneth Corioso, MA

COO Inland Detox

As the Chief Operating Officer for Inland Detox, Kenneth brings over 13 years of business operations experience in healthcare, finance and real estate to the Company. His passion is to deliver a consistent, high-quality, effective detox experience for all who seek admission to our program.

robert McAlister

Dr. Robert McAlister

Psy.D., Clinical Director

Dr. McAlister has 26 years of clinical experience in the field of psychology and  mental health.  He is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the state of California and a National Certified Counselor.  His treatment philosophy is quite eclectic with a concentration on Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, Existentialism, EMDR and Reality Therapy Principles.  His professional experience has been with individuals suffering with anger issues, drug & alcohol issues, sexual offending issues, domestic violence, trauma-related experiences, addiction dependence issues, depression and anxiety disorders, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

teresa carter

Teresa Carter

Program Director

Teresa has a heart for the lives of those that are the forgotten generation. With 15 years of experience in Behavioral health she pursued the field of addiction. She is seeking to advance her role within the field by pursuing education in an interventionist capacity. Teresa is an integral part of Inland Detox, dedicated to meeting the needs of each client. Her role as program director ensures that all clients will be equipped with the tools and resources to achieve sobriety. Making a difference in the lives of others, one person at a time.

Inland Detox

Chenise Cole

Family Nurse Practicioner

Chenise maintains nearly 20 years of nursing experience as both a registered nurse and a family nurse practicioner. She has worked in a wide range of specialties including cardiac intervention, infection control, geriatric management, pediatrics, women’s health, family practice and anti-aging medicine. Chenise received her BSN in 2004 and her MSN/FNP in 2016.

sharonda atkins

Sharonda Atkins

Healthcare Practicioner

Sharonda’s compassion and dedication have guided her to a career helping those who need care the most. Sharonda maintains over 17 years of nursing experience including extensive experience with hospice care, addiction and developmentally disabled patients. She received her LVN certification at Concorde College in 2001 and her A.S. in Nursing from Mt. San Jacinto College in 2013.

jay benjamin

Jay Benjamin

House Manager

Throughout his life Jay has cherished the opportunity to shape and change lives for the better while making efforts to live his life by that standard. In his youth he developed a deep regard for those in need and has fashioned himself sense then to ensure that his devotion to human services is fulfilled. His collegiate career refined his ability to handle and aid those in need while preparing him for a life full of service to the community in need. Through the absorption of culture, community awareness, and compassion he will be an asset used to heal.

arturo Banuelos

Arturo Banuelos


Born and raised in a home of Hispanic heritage in Riverside County, Chef Arturo Banuelos found his passion for the culinary arts at the early age of 11. In 2011, he competed in the Best Teen Chef Inland Empire Contest, where he won 1st place. This gave him the opportunity to attend and graduate from the Art Institute of San Bernardino. In 2015 and 2016, Chef Art competed in the South-Cal Chef Open Competition at Pechanga Hotel and Casino, where he won 2nd place twice in a row. In 2017, he became the Private Chef at Inland Detox.

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About Inland Detox

Inland Detox is committed to providing the most effective, highest quality care in the field of alcohol and drug detox.

Client assessment is a multi-stage process that begins when you first call and continues during the onsite intake process. When you call Inland Detox you’ll speak to an Admissions Advisor that will help you understand the admissions process. They’ll ask you about your needs and help you determine if Inland Detox is a right fit for you. Upon admission, you’ll be assessed by staff that will identify your immediate needs and they will work with clinical staff to design a custom treatment plan.

Client stabilization is the second goal of effective detox treatment. At this stage of care, our Clinical Director addresses the client’s immediate needs while taking in to account the unique history of each client. Inland Detox staff will coordinate efforts with your primary physician or a local physician if you need to continue a course of prescribed medication or begin a new course of medication in the process of detox.

Our clinical staff members design a custom treatment plan for each client of Inland Detox. Our treatment plans take in to consideration the substance abuse history of each client, their immediate medical, psychological, nutritional and social needs as well. Our understanding of the detox process is that it is the first step towards recovery. As such, our clinical and supportive staff members work in concert to suggest effective care upon discharge. This may include finding appropriate long-term residential care provider or making a transition to outpatient care.

When it’s time for our clients to transition from our detox program to their next level of care, we insure a smooth transition. Our clinical and administrative staff members will coordinate travel from our facility to our client’s next destination. Our goal is to insure that from the time our client’s reach us until the time they transition to their next stage in life, we are with them the entire way.

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