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Why Inland Detox for Tricare Approved Benzodiazepine Rehab?

Benzodiazepines are a class of drugs used primarily to treat anxiety. Benzo’s, as they are most commonly referred to, are very effective at relieving anxiety but they are also very addictive. Many clients that start on benzo’s find themselves needing increased dosages to get the same effects over time and one of the most dangerous aspects of benzo’s is that the withdrawals are not only dangerous but quitting cold-turkey can be deadly. Inland Detox offers a Tricare approved benzodiazepine rehab program that can help our clients safely detox from benzo’s and smoothly transition in to a 30, 60 or 90 day rehab program.

One of the reasons why people choose Inland Detox over other providers of care for benzodiazepine rehab is because we are licensed for many different levels of care that helps us address the comprehensive medical and mental health needs of our clients. We are licensed by the California Department of Health Care Services from the detox level of care, for residential care, for dual-diagnosis treatment and we also maintain an Incidental Medical Services license. This means we can safely help our clients taper off of benzodiazepines to minimize withdrawals while maximizing the comfort during detox. We then offer individualized therapy and group therapy with licensed marriage and family therapists and/or Psychologists licensed to practice in California. Our dual-diagnosis license means we can help people with both substance abuse disorders and mental health concerns like anxiety, depression and PTSD that may be the reason why our client’s start using anti-anxiety medications. Our IMS license allows us to practice medicine on site that is related to substance abuse disorders so our healthcare practitioners come to us and we do not have to transport our clients off-site to get the medical and psychological attention they need and deserve.

Our licenses and our Treatment Team are just a few of the reasons why people choose Inland Detox. Our location is another important reason people choose us. We are situated on 2.5 acres in Temecula, CA on an executive level facility offering both single and double occupancy rooms. There’s a Chef on staff that prepares client meals, a pool, a 2nd home where some of our individual and group therapy takes place as well as recreational facilities. Inland Detox feels like a home away from home.


Most anyone with Tricare insurance originated West of the Mississippi is eligible for our program. If you are active duty, a reservist, a dependent of an active duty service member or a reservist, a Medal of Honor recipient, survivor or spouse you are most likely covered. To determine your eligibility, call Inland Detox at (888) 739-8296 to learn more.

What is Covered by Tricare?

Tricare insurance provides coverage for treatment, room and board, therapy sessions and medications, however, co-pays and deductibles do apply in most circumstances. However, most people find the co-pays and deductibles affordable. To determine your exact co=pay or applicable deductible just call us at (888) 739-8296 with your Tricare card and we can determine your exact costs.

Tricare does not cover personal grooming supplies, hygiene products, snacks or cigarettes.

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Our Location

The property where our clients stay and where treatment takes place is simply amazing. The views from the property, especially at sunset, are incredible. We take our clients on outings and bring massage therapists and Yoga practitioners to the house for our clients. There’s also a pool and a 2nd home for groups and art projects and we are centrally located.

Inland Detox is a short drive from all points in Southern California. We are only 90 miles away from Los Angeles and 5 minutes away from the San Diego County border. We are located, specifically, in Southwestern Riverside County right off the 15 freeway and are a short drive from San Bernardino, Orange, Los Angeles and San Diego Counties.

Well-Appointed Rooms

Customized Treatment Plan

Picturesque Views

Supportive, 24/7 Staff

On-Site Doctor

Recovery Is Within Reach. Start Your Journey Today.

Our Treatment Team

Our Treatment Team is led by a Board Certified Psychiatrist with over 28 years of experience in the field, able to address both the medical needs of clients that may be detoxing from benzo’s and equally able to help with underlying mental health issues like PTSD, anxiety and depression. We also maintain a Clinical Director that has provided intense therapy to civilians and service members alike for both substance use disorders and mental health issues. In addition, we have a Nursing Manager and a House Manager with years of experience in the field as well as caring support staff to monitor our clients 24 hours a day.

Program Goals

There are 3 goals in the Tricare approved benzodiazepine rehab program. First, to provide an accurate assessment of the client’s need to detox from benzo’s. Many of our clients do not come to us free from the use of benzodiazepines and our Medical Director can assess the prospective client and start them on a taper designed to detox them from benzo’s before they rehab program starts. Our detox program lasts between 7 and 10 days in length. In the rehab portion of our program, that can last 30. 60 or 90 days, our clients learn what motivates them to use, what their specific triggers are, how they can cope with underlying mental health issues and remain sober. The third goal of the program is to help our client’s find continuing outpatient care that will accept their insurance.

Recovery Is Within Reach. Start Your Journey Today.

Program Costs

Tricare covers room and board, the cost of seeing our doctors and therapists and medications less applicable co-pays and deductibles. Our client’s find that Tricare insurance co-pays and deductibles are generally very affordable. What’s not covered are incidentals like snacks, cigarettes and personal grooming and hygiene supplies.

What to Bring

Temecula, CA is very hot in the Summers and mild in the winters. For a 30, 60 or 90 day program length, you need a week’s worth of clothing and a light jacket. Please bring your personal grooming supplies, hygiene products and prescription medications. Please note, however, that all prescription medications will need to be approved by our Medical Director while in our program.

Please, do not bring firearms, weapons of any kind, open over-the-counter medications or any grooming or hygiene products containing alcohol or any other mood-altering substances.

For Admissions, Call Today

It’s not easy to find a benzodiazepine rehab program that is covered by Tricare insurance that covers the comprehensive needs of those with an addiction to benzodiazepines. Inland Detox maintains the licenses and the Treatment Team needed to give our clients comprehensive medical and mental health care. To learn more or to gain admission today, please call us at (888) 739-8296.