What to Bring

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What Should I Bring to Detox?

We know that the prospect of traveling to detox can be a bit overwhelming.

To help you plan, we’ve pulled together the most important items you should bring with you.


You should pack enough clean clothes to last one full week. Temperatures in the Temecula Valley can drop into the 30s during the winter, so bringing a sweater or jacket is advisable. Some people choose to bring pajamas or athletic wear, as well.


You are encouraged to bring your own toiletries with you. So please bring any and all toiletries you wish. However, any products that contain alcohol or ethanol are strictly forbidden.


If you are using any prescription medication, please advise us during the admission process. All prescriptions must be in their original packaging with pharmacy labels intact. New, unopened over-the-counter medication is permitted, as well.

Personal Effects

We want to make sure you feel at home in our facility, so you may bring items to make you feel more comfortable – things like family photos or your favorite blanket are more than welcome.

What Shouldn't I Bring to Detox?

Please be mindful of which items are not allowed on Inland Detox property.

Drugs and Alcohol

Do not bring drugs or alcohol with you to the facility, with the exception of any legally prescribed medications you are taking. All medication will be held and distributed by Inland Detox staff.


No weapons of any kind are allowed on Inland Detox property. Anything that can be used to inflict physical harm (razor blades, pocket knives, etc.) may be confiscated by staff.

Offensive Material

Material that can be construed as offensive, including pornography and drug paraphernalia, is not allowed into our facility.

Electronic Devices

Inland Detox believes that our client’s focus should be on recovery. As such, it is our policy that clients should find respite in quiet relaxation. Cell phones, tablet and laptop use is not allowed.

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About Inland Detox

Inland Detox is committed to providing the most effective, highest quality care in the field of alcohol and drug detox.

Client assessment is a multi-stage process that begins when you first call and continues during the onsite intake process. When you call Inland Detox you’ll speak to an Admissions Advisor that will help you understand the admissions process. They’ll ask you about your needs and help you determine if Inland Detox is a right fit for you. Upon admission, you’ll be assessed by staff that will identify your immediate needs and they will work with clinical staff to design a custom treatment plan.

Client stabilization is the second goal of effective detox treatment. At this stage of care, our Clinical Director addresses the client’s immediate needs while taking in to account the unique history of each client. Inland Detox staff will coordinate efforts with your primary physician or a local physician if you need to continue a course of prescribed medication or begin a new course of medication in the process of detox.

Our clinical staff members design a custom treatment plan for each client of Inland Detox. Our treatment plans take in to consideration the substance abuse history of each client, their immediate medical, psychological, nutritional and social needs as well. Our understanding of the detox process is that it is the first step towards recovery. As such, our clinical and supportive staff members work in concert to suggest effective care upon discharge. This may include finding appropriate long-term residential care provider or making a transition to outpatient care.

When it’s time for our clients to transition from our detox program to their next level of care, we insure a smooth transition. Our clinical and administrative staff members will coordinate travel from our facility to our client’s next destination. Our goal is to insure that from the time our client’s reach us until the time they transition to their next stage in life, we are with them the entire way.

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