Why Inland Detox

Why Choose Us?

Inland Detox is the best source of drug and alcohol detoxification in the Inland Empire. We provide the best possible service, offer the highest quality care and our clients benefit from the best possible results.

Our Commitment To Service

From the time you call an Admissions Advisor until the time you are discharged, you’ll know that we provide our clients with a higher level of service than any other detox or treatment center in the Inland Empire. Our Admissions Advisors understand our clients’ need to focus on detox and treatment, not on insurance or financing. They help our clients work through the details and coordinate their care at our facility. Our treatment planning takes into consideration your total needs and coordinating admission to your next level of care is something we take pride in.


When you arrive in southern California, you’ll be evaluated by a doctor to determine whether your condition is appropriate for clinical detox. While at Inland Detox, you will go through a process called stabilization; this entails going through the withdrawal process in a comfortable, quiet setting. Once your condition is stable, you will be referred for further treatment, generally in an inpatient residential setting.
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Quality Of Care

We encourage our prospective clients to look in to getting detox treatment from as many providers of care as possible. We are confident that you’ll come to discover we offer the best quality of care in the Inland Empire. Our staff includes licensed marriage and family therapists, counselors and a host of support staff to cater to the total needs of our clients. Round-the-clock client monitoring is standard practice and our staff to client ratios are some of the best in the industry of drug and alcohol detoxification. Our facilities are upscale homes on multiple acres so our clients get the privacy they deserve. Attention to detail, cleanliness and nutrition are cornerstones of our program.


We understand that effective and successful treatment takes in to consideration not just the client’s choice of substance, but their physical, psychological and social well-being. As a drug and alcohol detox facility that embraces our clients’ comprehensive needs, Inland Detox is able to help a wide spectrum of clientele get the individual treatment they need to effectively get through detox and transition to their next level of care. Your length of stay at Inland Detox will be co-determined by clinical staff members and by you. We feel involving clients in the planning process in detox is crucial. Our clients will typically stay with us in a residential setting between 5 and 10 days. When you leave our facility, our goal is to insure the severe physical withdrawal symptoms of addiction will have come to and end, you’ll feel balanced, clear-minded and ready to take the next step in your recovery. When it’s time for you to travel to your next destination, we’ll transport you safely to a local airport or any treatment facility in Southern California.