Top 10 Reasons to Avoid Drinking Alcohol During the Holiday Season

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Alcohol is the most “respectable” of addictive drugs. Patients fresh out of cocaine rehab centers can’t walk into a convenience store and grab more cocaine off the shelves. People who have had prescription drug addiction treatment at least need to get doctor approval for future medications. But alcohol is used openly by the best citizens, […]

Alcohol Problems: Learn How to Quit Drinking

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Getting rid of a chemical addiction (or even just a growing dependence) is always a struggle, but never more so than when your addiction is to alcohol. Your peers probably don’t pass around heroin injectors at suburban parties; waiters in classy restaurants don’t ask if you’d like cocaine with your meal—but “won’t you have a […]

How to Choose the Best Drug Detox Center in Los Angeles

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Ah, Los Angeles—the city of Hollywood glamour and dream-chasing where youngsters from all over the U.S. have gone to seek their fortunes. Unfortunately, the “Los Angeles” image isn’t always so positive—especially as this is written in mid-December 2017, when the first suggestions you get from entering “Los Angeles” into a search engine are likely to […]

8 Simple Ways to Avoid Detox Damage

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If you’ve admitted you have an addiction disorder and are trying to get up the nerve to go for drug or alcohol detox, your imagination may be filled with chilling “withdrawal” images: the heroin addict groaning on a dirty cot, the alcoholic shaking in the throes of delirium tremens, the “rapid detox” patient who died […]

What Is Alcohol Detox and How Does It Work?

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There’s a big difference between “sobering up” from one night on the town and full detox from alcohol addiction—and not realizing the difference can literally kill you. While “withdrawal” is invariably an unpleasant experience regardless of the drug involved, certain forms of withdrawal are considered particularly risky—and at the top of the list are benzodiazepine […]

8 Common Misconceptions About Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs

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Perhaps because much of the public hears only about the horrors of withdrawal and the occasional scandal involving corrupt detox centers, many people who could be helped by drug and alcohol detox are afraid to try it. It’s time to set the record straight.  Misconception #1: Detox programs treat you like a commodity. The truth: […]